Bridging the Gap : Options to Close Space between front teeth

One of the first things you notice about someone when you talk to them is their smile. A warm pleasant smile goes a long way in making a good first impression, whereas an inhibited smile immediately conveys nervousness or negativity.

Having spaces between the front teeth can often make a person conscious about their smile and have negative effects on their daily communications and self-esteem. But fret not, there are now a number of ways to close the spacing between front teeth:

Braces/ Aligners

Braces are the most conservative option available to close the gap between front teeth albeit the most time consuming one. Treatment for spaces can usually be completed without compromising any of the adjacent teeth and with proper retainers, after treatment, the results are more long-lasting.

Treatment can take anywhere from 6months to 1.5 years or longer depending on the case. If you are concerned about the metal appearance of braces, you can opt for metal free white braces or go for wire free clear aligners.

Tooth Coloured fillings

Tooth coloured fillings or Composite fillings are another option to close gaps. They are the fastest option available and can be completed in a single visit. They may or may not require your dentist to slightly prepare or trim the surface of your teeth to achieve a good finish. You could go for this if you are looking for a quick and cheaper fix.

When done properly a composite filling is hard to distinguish from the original tooth and the results can be very beautiful. But composite as the material tends to get discolored over time so you may have to get your filling changed in a few years.


Veneers are among the best options available to close gaps between teeth. The results are very good without significant trimming of the tooth. They can also work to mask any existing discoloration or yellowness of your teeth. They last for a considerable period of time without getting discolored.

They are usually completed in multiple visits and involved proper planning with your dentist. She will take impressions of your teeth to create replicas of your mouth and then work with the lab to design your veneers which will then be cemented to your teeth with dental cement that ensure that they don’t come off.

Due to their superior results and the technical precision required to make them, veneers are more expensive than composite fillings.


In cases where veneers are not possible, you can also get capping done on your teeth to close the spaces. This is a comparatively less conservative option as a significant amount of tooth structure has to be cut in order to place the caps but the results are really good.

Depending on your budget you can select the kind of cap you want. Like veneers, it involves lab work and may take more than one appointment for proper planning and execution.

You can select any of these options or go for a mix depending on your case.

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