Crown and Bridges

Understanding the Different types of Crowns

To begin with, What are Dental Crowns? Crowns, or in layman terms, ‘Caps’ are basically tooth shaped copings that your dentist may advise you to get put on your teeth. They can be put for a number of different reasons. The most common are Crowns put after Root Canal Treatments to protect the weakened tooth, Crowns joined together to make a Bridge to replace any missing teeth and Crowns put on teeth to make them more esthetic during smile designing.

What is the procedure to get a dental crown?

To place a crown on your tooth, the dentist will first have to trim a part of your tooth to make space for the coping and take the measurement of the trimmed tooth. The impressions are sent to Dental Labs where your crown is custom made in the material of your choice . Once the crown is ready, your dentist will cement it to your tooth using an appropriate dental cement after ensuring that the fit is proper. The procedure usually takes 2 appointments and may tale 3-4 days.

Dental metal free vs porcelain

Here at Bristles Dental Studios, we provide the option of One Day Crowns. You can get your crowns within 24 hours without any compromise in the quality or the fit. Get in touch with us to know more about One Day Dental Crowns!

What are the different types of caps?

Crowns can be made of a variety of materials. The choice depends on your case, budget and choice. The different types of crowns that are available include:

Full Metal Crowns

Pros: Less tooth trimming, Low cost, good strength

Cons: Silvery appearance, Feel heavy, Unaesthetic therefore not generally used in most of the visible zones of the mouth

Price of Metal Crowns: Metal crowns start from 1200/-INR onwards

Metal Crowns

Metal Porcelain Crowns (PFM)

These crowns have a inner metal coping over which tooth coloured porcelain is put.

Pros: Tooth colored, pocket friendly, require less tooth trimming

Cons: Not as natural looking as metal free crowns, Porcelain may wear off or chip over time, less long lasting as compared to metal free crowns , May discolour over time.

Price of PFM: PFM crowns start from 2000/- INR

Metal Porcelain

Metal Free Crowns

These crowns have no metal coping inside and are metal free completely. There are a variety of different materials of which metal free crowns can be made but Zirconium and Ceramic are the most common.

Pros: Most Aesthetic and Natural looking, less chances of failure, long lasting, usually come with a warranty.

Cons: Slightly Expensive

Price of Metal Free Crowns: Metal Free crowns start from 5000/-INR onwards

Metal Free Crown

To Know more about the best dental crown type for yourself, get in touch with us at Bristles Dental Studios !