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Preventive Dental Care for Children

How To Avoid Cavities and Crooked Teeth

Preventive Care Dentist in Chandigarh

Timely and Right Preventive Care can go a long way in ensuring that your child grows up cavity free with beautiful pearly whites. For this you need to nip the problem in the bud and start taking care of your Child teeth as soon as they erupt. Here is what all you can do to take care of your Child teeth:

Regular Dental Check Ups:

Your Child first visit to the dentists’ should be at 6 months and no later than his first birthday. A lot of problems like crooked teeth and advanced stage cavities can be averted with timely intervention.

Fluoride Treatment for Kids:

Fluoride applications 2-3 times a year or as recommended by your dentist can reduce occurrence of cavities in young children. It is a five minute procedure that can go a long way in keeping your child cavity free.

Breaking Bad Habits:

A lot of habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing or tongue thrusting in growing children cause teeth to become crooked. It can affect the milk as well as the permanent teeth leading to long term health and psychological problems for your child.

You can talk to your dentist about the various habit breaking appliances available to tackle these problems.

Sealers for Permanent Teeth:

If your child has had multiple cavities in his milk teeth, he has increased chances of getting cavities on his newly erupting permanent teeth too. Permanent molars start erupting by 6 -7 years and are supposed to be in the mouth for the next 50 years.

You can take care of these permanent molars by getting sealers placed in them. Sealers are preventive fillings that are placed in the teeth without cutting them to prevent cavities.

Avoiding Future Braces:

If a milk tooth as to be removed for any reason or if your Child teeth seem to be crooked to forwardly placed, timely care can eliminate the need for braces in the future. Regular check ups can help identify any missing or absent teeth before they cause any problems.

Forming Good Habits:

Inculcating good habits in your child from a young age including proper and regular brushing, regular check ups and cleaning will help him to maintain a healthy mouth for a long period of time.

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